Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I have been looking at some Mehndi the last couple of days, African and Arabian.  I was trying to get as many components of it together so I could make up some of my own designs up.  I know it's nothing new but I still like the designs. If no link is given it is Henna me or bridal mehndi as on the linked pictures.
I loved the changes in scale and the gaps in this one from henna me
An African one from henna me.

a nice sparse one at bridal mehndi

I like the hands and the plate, one of each please! 
Not exactly mehndi but in the same vein.  Patternity has many photos of patterns in fashion, out on the urban streets and in nature.

not sure I would let my children eat these biscuits but they look pretty at miss indian bride
sweet elephants family fun biscuits
I think this is a cup-cake, I would definately not let my children eat this, and it would seem a crime to do so. found at toxiferous
I like this one best, slightly absurd, at henna me.


PP@pimpmybricks.wordpress.com said...

It may be nothing new, as you say, but I love it too. To bits and pieces. The third picture has no credit so I'm assuming it's yours. S'lovely.

Rosa said...

I must confess it is not mine, I just confused myself with the linking. It will either be Bridal mehndi or henna me, which have some links on the post already.