Monday, April 25, 2011

Why is it so hard to throw things away?

Today have been tidying one of my childrens bedrooms, getting rid of stuff. Managed to clear a space but did also manage to move some outgrown cloths into the sewing room for re-use. The pile grows bigger and is seldom used.
I managed to get the kids in the garden weeding around their playhouse. The bribe for this was to be taken to the cinema to see "Hop". They did a good job after a while, managed to coerce the neighbours into helping, and only made a slight fuss! They have missed a bit though, so more garden fun tomorrow.

This only goes to show what a mess my garden is in, there is a lot to do, more planting, moving plants, generally loads of weeding. Mowing the grass always makes a difference. I am gardening organically and hence weed removal is by hand and seems to be a constant chore. I would happily spend days out lost in the garden but don't often manage to get there.

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Rik said...


I must remark upon the absolutely gorgeous dolly in the picture above. She is real cute!!

Does she have a name, a story, dreams and hopes? It would be wonderful to read her story.

Be beautiful!!