Friday, August 31, 2012

Million Dollar Design

I have just come across Million Dollar Design, they are an illustration duo from Amsterdam who love to mix different materials like paper, fabric, photography and drawings to give their illustrations a rich and layered look.  They have some beautiful fabric designs which I have my eye on.  Pretty fabulous I do think!  Also other news is that my computer is messing me around and hence the pictures are not lining up properly and are being like naughty children and ignoring my commands and just going where they feel like going.  So I apologise for the slightly dodgy layout.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Some fabric of mine for sale.

My Spoonflower swatches finally arrived after getting a little lost along the way.  These were little 8"x8" swatches.  I was happy with how they came out, the colours are really lovely in real life.  And they are now for sale on Spoonflower at eat my sweet dust.  They are patterns from photographs I took on a sunny day, so lovely sky blues and bright yellow lichen and softy green grass and trees.  I think they are well cool.
yellow lichen straight

green trees

trees blue

sky blue sparkles

green blue sky plaid

lace black webs

vipers blue-gloss.  a large-scale print of this blue wild-flower.
above print is big scale.  This image is on a yard (42"x36") I would like to make skirts and dresses and bags and curtains and cushions and lots of stuff out of them.

Monday, August 20, 2012

craft party results

Well the votes have been cast and I have not won the craft contest.  I have taken my 56th placing in very bad grace, and grumbled rather a bit to any-one who would listen, or not.  but I don't know what I expected.  I have had some sweet comments from other spoonflowerets about my design.  I did in fact vote for the winner myself, I like bird mobiles quite a bit.
Fun Finches
Pot belly bears (above)

Amelia and her kittens

Skelley Baby Doll
(above) are two others from the top ten

I liked this one and her tattoos.
Mr. Voodoo & Fido de los Muertos
 and Mr voodoo and Fido was cute, there are photos of this project made up at the link. 

I think maybe my complete non-technical approach makes my designs a bit amateur but I will not give up and carry on regardless.  One day I may make it, and if not I will have spent some time (not) doing it.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

it never rains but it pours

Oh my the rain just never stops around here.  I am trying to get the house painted outside and this weather makes it a bit tricky.  It has rained and rained for weeks.  We live in the sunniest town in New Zealand (2011) I dread to think what the rest of the country is like.    so I have found some happy rainy fabric on the web to put a positive spin on it all.  I fear there will be some flooding. 
rain or shine gray
rain or shine by Endemic
New Moms "rain clouds" at etsy
Vo aka virginiao

A rather lovely rainy post on Heart Felt.(above)

little green frog

fabric hunting
Colour Cloud

 Afternoon - Seeds
Tessa Hall
Katrina Whitsett

We have looked at an old wreck of a house this weekend that we really like, possibly it needs pulling down but it is big and sunny, and has fab 70s wallpaper some in pretty perfect condition.  I could see it as a fashion shoot location.  We seem to have an uncanny desire for homes that require work.  

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Birthday today.

Today is my birthday and I am 43.  Good lord that sounds frightfully old!  My oldest girl made me breakfast in bed at 6.30am, egg, potatoes, beans and mushroom.  Yum!  I got cool pressies and cards from friends and family and today I will escape house painting and painting clothes for a couple of hours and go to town to spend some birthday money.  And tonight i am going out with some lovely girlfriends for beer and curry.  Hooray! 
So I found some images with the no. 43 in them.

above gorgeous graffitti cake.  

Brodmann area.  Part of the brain related to cake I think.

Being 43 I don't actually know who any of the artists on here are.

Wonder woman. I know her.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Bonnie and Buttermilk

today i came across a clothing site that I liked very much.  Bonnie and Buttermilk are in Berlin I think, I can't find the translation button.  The fabrics are so sweet, reminds me of a skirt my sister found at the tip many years ago.  Lots of skirts and t-shirts and hooded tops and there are so many of them in different colour-ways on the site and I would like lots of them.  I seem to have picked lots of clouds. Hmm.  Cute styling too.
My computer is playing up, I am afraid it may be on the way out which is a bit of a worry.















Enjoy the week, happy thoughts to you all.

Friday, August 10, 2012

spoonflower craft party

The voting is on Spoonflower for the craft party competition.  If you click on this link you can go through the pages and vote for the ones you like.  I posted about my entry in my last post but here is a picture of it.  A dollie of my own invention, who is cool and has nice clothes and some pretty tattoos.
You can vote for me if you wish.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

what the weather?

The weather is being very bad at the moment.  It is winter of course, down here in the Southern Hemisphere, but we expect a little more from our winter weather in our part of the woods, it is usually pretty good. I am trying to finish painting the house and it is pelting down with rain day and night so I can't. The garden weeds are having a great time thriving in the conditions mind you, but the dog is not so keen and has spent much quality time on the sofa amongst all the nice new cushion covers I have just made.

She is a lurcher, rabbit hunting type of dog, but she is not keen on rain.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

craft project

Spoonflower, (who I am rather obsessed with at the moment) have a weekly design competition and this week it is for a cut and sew project for a craft party.  so I have designed a cut and sew dollie.
 this is the version that I have entered, she has a skirt and top and a rather fetching body suit, and cat ears.  If anyone would like to vote in this competition then you can go to spoonflower and choose the ones you like best (mine please). ((edit, I think it should be up in a couple of days) got my timing a bit out and am impatient and over excited, it is the first contest I have entered on Spoonflower so far.)
 some initial design sketches

I have also put a black and white version ( above) in so the crafty people can colour in their own, if they so wish.
I cut out a paper photo-copy and put on her skirt to see how it would look.  Cute I thought.