Monday, August 20, 2012

craft party results

Well the votes have been cast and I have not won the craft contest.  I have taken my 56th placing in very bad grace, and grumbled rather a bit to any-one who would listen, or not.  but I don't know what I expected.  I have had some sweet comments from other spoonflowerets about my design.  I did in fact vote for the winner myself, I like bird mobiles quite a bit.
Fun Finches
Pot belly bears (above)

Amelia and her kittens

Skelley Baby Doll
(above) are two others from the top ten

I liked this one and her tattoos.
Mr. Voodoo & Fido de los Muertos
 and Mr voodoo and Fido was cute, there are photos of this project made up at the link. 

I think maybe my complete non-technical approach makes my designs a bit amateur but I will not give up and carry on regardless.  One day I may make it, and if not I will have spent some time (not) doing it.

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