Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Today I tried to draw some roses in my sisters garden.  It was quite nice sitting in the sunshine with the lovely rosie smells wafting around.

I tried a few different angles, there was a lot going on, with all the petals, but I have decided that if I keep on trying I may eventually improve. 

This was a bit easier, there was only one layer of petals, but not so pretty.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Lyveden New Bield

Today we went to Lyveden New Bield in scenic Northamptonshire ( near Oundle, Brigstock, Thrapston) and met my stepmother who is a volunteer here. The weather was not great but it was so lovely here. The garden was created in 1595-1605, by Sir Thomas Tresham. He was a catholic, and so persecuted, and never got to finish his marvellous designs. It was hidden by brambles weeds etc for years, we used to come here as children and never saw the snail-shell hills. You can get married here and on a sunny day it would be so beautiful.
You can also picnic, have guided tours, let the kids run around and take the dog, on a lead.

This building was never finished, the kids love to play inside.

Lots of beautiful wild flower meadows and mown paths.


handsome sheep

nice rustic fencing

Oo and I love the twisted (maybe hazel?) twiggy fencing.  You can also walk a baby pram around.

These are so cool, designed for Elizabethan ladies to waft around on.

I can't help to think of tele-tubby hills, I am sorry, It is frightfully un-cultured of me I know.

Moody clouds

Some garden inspiration.  When I get home I'll get my husband onto it.  Ha Ha. 

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Vivien Westwood and some nice knitting

This was from British Vogue march 2011.  I just think it is such a fab picture, the clothes, the hair, something to aspire to later in life.  How cool is she?

 My clever sister knitted thes two for her baby.  They look better modelled by J but still v. sweet, and new-born size so tiny.  She has done beautiful lace knit blankets and more tank-tops.  More photos to come. 

ikea shopping treat

\my sister bought this for her baby boys bedroom.  I love the foxes hanging out tongue.

\I thought this was so pretty and fab.

This is a big scale panel, about 180cm wide. 

This is also mine.

Lovely cup cake paper things

These are plastic doily, place-mat type things.
These photos are not cropped or attended to properly, this computer is a bit cautious and I don't know how to sort it out.
We went to Ikea today, which probably isn't frightfully exciting if you live somewhere where you can get to an Ikea.  Living in lovely  New Zealand how-ever there is no Ikea! I know, it's cruel, especially when I got to the material section, I wanted to buy so many different prints, they were so cool.  I bought a couple of pieces, but I can only get so much in my suitcase.  Oh boo hoo, poor me.

Monday, June 13, 2011


I am having technological problems, basically I am using a computer that is not mine and I can't work it out.  I found a brochure for these so so pretty dresses at a friends house.  My girls are too old for these dresses but they are so gorgeous, I would wear them i love gorgeous needs to be looked at.

Friday, June 10, 2011

cow parsley

There is a lot of cow parsley around my sisters house, and poppies and wild geraniums and some rather fluffy clouds.  The sun went in as soon as I left the house today so they are not the best photos in the world,but it was all so English and wild flowery and pretty.  We don't have cow parsley in NZ where I live and I do love it, so it is a bit of a treat to now have it every where.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Fair England

Well I am here, after a long journey.  I Stopped in Singapore for 4 hours,  and went to the gym to sweat it out and use my poor aching muscles, a cycle, run, cross train and some sun salutes did the trick and I got to have a shower which was a real treat.  Luckily due to poor weather my flight to Christchurch was cancelled and changed to Auckland, or else I would have landed at the same time as the latest after-shock.  That would have altered my travel a little as well as being v. scary.
I took some round ended scissors on the plain so I could sew dolly clothes, they were fine about it in Auckland but in Singapore they took them away.  Luckily I had a pack of dental floss so I could cut my threads.  Has anyone invented scissors for inflight sewing yet?  Must take photos. 
Was met in london by my brother in-law and had a speedy drive to thier house to see beautiful baby and cute cat.  Man babies are full-on, I have gladly forgoten, Its feed, wee, sleep feed etc.  I am trying to be a helpful Auntie

Sunday, June 5, 2011


I have been looking up these banquettes for our kitchen.  We are not renovating but it is on my like to do dreaming list.  Its a little compact so these would work really well around the dining table, and I love the colours with the white walls.  I also love the opulent over the top chandelier one but with our low ceilings it would never work. 
These are probably from ( in no particular order, sorry)
absolutelybeautifulthings,  desiretoinspire,  designsponge, some regular haunts of mine.  There are probably some more.
I am off to England tomorrow, and am so not packed, today shall just be me running around from room to room not achieving a great deal and being a ("very big" my lovely daughter has just said.) pain in the butt.  Ah well, as long as I have my passport and tickets I will be ok.  I think. Help!  So will not post for a couple of days.

Friday, June 3, 2011

bunny rabbit dress

I had some cards printed this week, which was quite exciting, they are some designs I made up for a business card logo for some of my dollys.  They came out very pretty, although why some-one would send a card with "eat my sweet dust" on it I'm not sure, does it sound offensive?  

This will be the last dolly for a while, I have fulfilled my quota.  I thought a long-haul flight would be a good place for dolly face sewing but it would be tricky without the scissors, my teeth would get worn down chewing through all that thread. 

A birthday present, she has overalls and a bag to put her clothes in

a power puff t-shirt

I love this dress, it is so cute with its little bunny rabbit scootering around the town 

and another gold lame` dress was required, I have enough material for one more of these, which will have to be an in house one for sharing I think, it has been quite popular.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Amelia Froutts and friend.

I have finished another dolly, she has a lovely lame` frock and a big red flower for her hair.  The gold material came from my friend Clare at Stitch and Print who makes pretty things out of vintage finds.  This dolly is for the school quiz night auction.  I made two and then decided that I wanted to keep the red head one below and so did my daughter.  She has been named Amelia Froutts,  I need a name for the brown haired dolly though.  
She also has a yellow chiffon top and orange liberty lawn and broidery anglais skirt, which Amelia is modeling for her here (This skirt material came from one of my mums maternity dresses so is very old and I have hoarded it for too long)   I am making another doll for a small friends birthday as I wasn't sure either of these was right for her.  More sewing on of hair and clothes tonight.  I haven't started organising for my holiday yet. Tomorow!