Saturday, June 18, 2011

Lyveden New Bield

Today we went to Lyveden New Bield in scenic Northamptonshire ( near Oundle, Brigstock, Thrapston) and met my stepmother who is a volunteer here. The weather was not great but it was so lovely here. The garden was created in 1595-1605, by Sir Thomas Tresham. He was a catholic, and so persecuted, and never got to finish his marvellous designs. It was hidden by brambles weeds etc for years, we used to come here as children and never saw the snail-shell hills. You can get married here and on a sunny day it would be so beautiful.
You can also picnic, have guided tours, let the kids run around and take the dog, on a lead.

This building was never finished, the kids love to play inside.

Lots of beautiful wild flower meadows and mown paths.


handsome sheep

nice rustic fencing

Oo and I love the twisted (maybe hazel?) twiggy fencing.  You can also walk a baby pram around.

These are so cool, designed for Elizabethan ladies to waft around on.

I can't help to think of tele-tubby hills, I am sorry, It is frightfully un-cultured of me I know.

Moody clouds

Some garden inspiration.  When I get home I'll get my husband onto it.  Ha Ha. 

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