Thursday, June 9, 2011

Fair England

Well I am here, after a long journey.  I Stopped in Singapore for 4 hours,  and went to the gym to sweat it out and use my poor aching muscles, a cycle, run, cross train and some sun salutes did the trick and I got to have a shower which was a real treat.  Luckily due to poor weather my flight to Christchurch was cancelled and changed to Auckland, or else I would have landed at the same time as the latest after-shock.  That would have altered my travel a little as well as being v. scary.
I took some round ended scissors on the plain so I could sew dolly clothes, they were fine about it in Auckland but in Singapore they took them away.  Luckily I had a pack of dental floss so I could cut my threads.  Has anyone invented scissors for inflight sewing yet?  Must take photos. 
Was met in london by my brother in-law and had a speedy drive to thier house to see beautiful baby and cute cat.  Man babies are full-on, I have gladly forgoten, Its feed, wee, sleep feed etc.  I am trying to be a helpful Auntie

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