Friday, June 3, 2011

bunny rabbit dress

I had some cards printed this week, which was quite exciting, they are some designs I made up for a business card logo for some of my dollys.  They came out very pretty, although why some-one would send a card with "eat my sweet dust" on it I'm not sure, does it sound offensive?  

This will be the last dolly for a while, I have fulfilled my quota.  I thought a long-haul flight would be a good place for dolly face sewing but it would be tricky without the scissors, my teeth would get worn down chewing through all that thread. 

A birthday present, she has overalls and a bag to put her clothes in

a power puff t-shirt

I love this dress, it is so cute with its little bunny rabbit scootering around the town 

and another gold lame` dress was required, I have enough material for one more of these, which will have to be an in house one for sharing I think, it has been quite popular.

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