Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Amelia Froutts and friend.

I have finished another dolly, she has a lovely lame` frock and a big red flower for her hair.  The gold material came from my friend Clare at Stitch and Print who makes pretty things out of vintage finds.  This dolly is for the school quiz night auction.  I made two and then decided that I wanted to keep the red head one below and so did my daughter.  She has been named Amelia Froutts,  I need a name for the brown haired dolly though.  
She also has a yellow chiffon top and orange liberty lawn and broidery anglais skirt, which Amelia is modeling for her here (This skirt material came from one of my mums maternity dresses so is very old and I have hoarded it for too long)   I am making another doll for a small friends birthday as I wasn't sure either of these was right for her.  More sewing on of hair and clothes tonight.  I haven't started organising for my holiday yet. Tomorow!

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