Tuesday, May 31, 2011

present for the baby

In less than a week I am flying to England, by myself, without my family for three weeks.  I am going to stay with my sister and her husband and their new baby.  I am so excited and a bit freaked at leaving my kids and husband.  
He looks so sweet,  this him in a beautiful hand-knitted blanket.  My sister is a master knitter, somehow the knitting gene did not extend as far as me.  But I made him a Crazy Rabbit, which was inspired by my youngest daughter who does a good crazy rabbit face.  It is made out of one of my husbands shrunken jumpers, a good old kiwi blanket and a bit of corduroy.  I gave him a little patch in his knickers, but I forgot his fluffy tail, how daft is that?  My sister said " Did you buy it?" "No I made it" I said "Ah I didn't think anyone would pay for that"  She kindly said.  Ha Ha, family, don't you love them?  It only took me three days to make.
Crazy rabbit.

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