Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Dolls Pyjamas , dolls I have made( some of them).

My Sister’s Dolls
My sister thinks her dolls look best
when dressed in pinks and reds.
I think my sister’s dolls look best
when they have no heads.
Robert Pottle

I thought it was time for a dolly post.  I have been making these for about 4 years now for my daughters and their friends and other special people.  It takes me a long time to make them, they are all different and all come with a selection of outfits and a little bag to put their outfits in. 99.9%recycled ( sometimes I can't find the right colour wool at the op-shop for their hair or embroidery threads for their faces) Their faces are embroidered, they usually have some old embroidered bits on their bodies and old lace for their knickers and the clothes are all made from old treasures.   I have just finished another one but couldn't put her on here as she is a present for someone and they haven't had their birthday just yet.  In a few days.  I have also embroidered a face for a boy doll for my youngest. This was hard, boy faces don't come naturally to me
My dolly sits at the top of this blog, she has a partly green face and green flowery tattoos.  Due to her colouring she is difficult to dress, and so generally is naked.

This dolly has a golden evening dress and a pink party dress and also a t-shirt, little denim skirt and a rather nice bag to store all her clothes in. 

This one has a beautiful dusky pink evening frock and hair flower and a rather good pair of fangs

This one has already been showing off her red riding cape in a previous post but she is a dolly of many parts and also has flowery tattoos and a turquoise off the shoulder top.

White lacy top and green velvet skirt. 

I made this for my best friends 40th.  This is her day frock but she does have a blue sparkly disco top and pink skirt too.  The bag is made from kimono fabric and lined with a felted pink jumper material.

This little dolly was named Margarita by her owner, she has a red flamenco dress and I designed her a butterfly tattoo.  inspiration comes from many directions and certain people 

A little bunch of them got together to catch up and have an outfit swap/share.  There is a wedding dress and a pink flamingo swimming costume in there.  They had swimming goggle key rings at the swimming pool which fitted just right,  how cool is that?

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meren said...

hi i love your dolls and i love my doll too, Meren:)