Saturday, May 21, 2011

new dolly. birthday present

I made a dolly for my daughters friend cheska who writes new school shoes blog, very funny.  

 My daughter decided that she should have a little school uniform, which I thought would be a bit dull, but now I have made it I do think it is v v cute and I am pleased.  We had to cut the hem off my daughters school skirt for material to make this.  She has a little school bag with a little felt blossom to put her clothes in.
 and a felted wool flower in her hair
 she has a heart on the seat of her knickers, and pretty feet.
 and I designed and free-hand machined a tatto on her back.( based on some henna hand tattoo designs)
this dress was "Annie"  inspired. Me and the girls watched the film recently and I loved the dresses that the little orphan girls were wearing.  I can't find any photos of them , they are all dusty faded colours and sweet loose styles.

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