Thursday, May 19, 2011

birthday cake decorations

I thought this was such a good idea, making cake decoration out of paper, none of that fiddling around with icing and mini rolling pins, to make something that you wouldn't eat anyway.  All those grimy hands rubbing that icing around. 
And you can use anything I suppose, lace, glitter, paint, doily's, endless possibilities 
And anyway it was my husbands birthday today, he's not that keen on cake, or lacy, doily hearts, but we have two daughters and myself who need there to be a cake on a birthday.  So I took some inspiration from above cakes and tried to make a boy version.  So I painted/drew these little cartoons of him, being active and going crazy with the computer for work.
I cut the pictures out stuck them onto cocktail sticks and poked them into the cake.  And I put in some little hearts just because I could.  (It is not displayed very beautifully as he is a boy and he doesn't care about such things.)

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