Monday, May 23, 2011

grey blanket slippers

My husband was going to go out and buy some cheap poor quality slippers to keep his feet warm for winter.  I had offered to buy him some lovely sheep-skin ones but he scoffed at me.
 So I decided that I should make him some out of a nice old grey blanket that I have in the cupboard awaiting some useful conversion.    I also used and old soft black jumper that had been shrunk in the wash ( not on purpose) and wouldn't even fit my 8 year old.
The sole's have 3 layers of blanket and one of felt and the tops have one blanket and one felt layer. I also added a velcro flap to do them up to keep them nice and snug.  I thought the cut outs looked rather good on this table top.
 I sewed them by machine.
 and blanket stitched over the top.  Not very neatly but I am quite partial to the effect.
 And they do fulfill their task of keeping his feet warm, and he likes them.
I did get this idea out of a library book, and was pleased to try it out, except I think their slippers were made from old jumpers, not blankets,  but I can't remember what it was called.  Something about green sewing, recycled stuff etc, a rather good book as I recall.  I must be more vigilant about these details now I am blogging.

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