Sunday, May 29, 2011

making dollies

 I am slowly getting on with making these dollies,   the faces are done and all the fabric, lace etc has been chosen for the bodies. Tattos are chosen and sewn. 
I sewed up the legs yesterday and realised that the shoes on these two legs are completely different!?  I am not a perfectionist and I like the fact that they have a slight randomness but this is too much.  I shall have to paint some more black paint on the left one to match up,  and hopefully that will look ok.  Next I will sew them up and then it is hair, which is always a challenge.   I either do too much and is big hair or can be a bit thin and odd.  Any tips on doll hair?  I usually mix up the colours and make tassels tied in the middle, sew half on to the head to cover it and have the rest hanging down.  I'll do this with about six tassels in two layers and then add extra bit to fill in gaps and tidy up the fringe.  It takes a long time to do and I have been know to put this job off for months.  Unfortunately the Doll Hair pixies don't come along in the night and do it for me! 

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