Saturday, May 7, 2011

hot pink

We woke up to the pinkest sky yesterday morning.  My photo skills don't show it to its best and most pink, it reminded me of this material.  I bought it in an op-shop about 15 years and am still unable to make anything out of it because it is so pretty, I don't want to waste it.  It also has pink peacocks on it.  I saw some at the V&A  museum in London once many years ago ( I think ) .   it's from China.  It sits on a shelf in my work room, and will probably fall to pieces before I make up my mind what to do with it.
These top photos are from the book fresh fruits.   I just love the cute fantastical outfits they wear, and would love to dress like this, but am a little too old I think.  They also wear the crazy wedgy cartoon like shoes.  

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