Thursday, May 26, 2011

suzanne huskey

click this link to see more of suzanne huskeys wonderful fabric trees.  She has so many other  
projects all ecologically minded.  I love the story about the choir in the forest and also love the dressed up house, a very clever girl with good attitude.
I am making two dollies at the moment, one for a school auction and one for a little girls birthday present.  I will post on them soon, am really enjoying the process, but today I had to weed the garden as we have a builders skip in the drive that needs filling and plenty of weeds.  Managed to get rid of some tree trunks that have been lurking under the deck for about four years, and some lovely contorted willow branches that I had been saving, but had got grown over with weeds and muddy slime.  I had fun jumping on the top of the skip to make more room, but the worst is done and the skip is full and I can now do dolly stuff tomorow  (once I have been to the gym).

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