Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Outdoor furniture and decor on the deck.

 Isn't this just gorgeous ( I need a theasaurus), all that clean concrete and organic knarly old seats, trees and the slightly groovy old houses in the background.
 I know this isn't a deck but its rather quaint
 One of these outdoor day bed things would be just the ticket, but we would have a fight on our hands to get there before the girls.
 romantic and a bit scruffy and lovely
 this must be scandinavian ( love nordic design? maybe)
 Sleek and smart and white ( it would never work) chuck some colourful cushions, throws, food, children around and that would be more like it.
I have collected these images off the internet and before I thought about blogging so I have not saved any addresses for linking so to those whose beautiful pictures these are thank you and sorry.  
We are replacing old, rotten, flaking, painted decking boards out side our house ( more about this on a later post) with nice new hard-wood ones which will mean no future painting, hurrah!  We bought the house with the biggest deck upstairs and down, not really thinking about maintenance issues. The deck was built in the 80's.   Five years on it was time to repaint, the tired dark blue ( Yep, dark blue ) boards, but they were mainly cracks and the nails were poking up and wouldn't go back in, I have sliced the bottom of my foot only once on one of these nails.
This is said deck without railings, I rather like it without but there are some rather serious safety issues.  Pretty good views though, and that rather fab Phoenix palm is in our garden too.  So any ideas on furnishing this deck would be greatly appreciated .  And plants, it gets very hot and dry over summer, it is north facing so gets sun all day long summer and winter , with a little frost in the winter, enough to upset the plants anyways.   

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