Monday, May 16, 2011

lovely new stash.

My lovely friend came round with a bag of material and lace and embroidered table-things for me a few days ago. They are small pieces that she couldn't throw away as they are beautiful, but not really big enough for anything, except dolly clothes, accessories etc.  The embroidered stuff is good for dolly bodies as it looks like they have pretty flowery tattoos. I was so excited!  It was like my birthday.  Thank you very much.  And now I shall have a fab time thinking up new outfits.   
All these amazing embroidered, table-mats and doily type things must have taken so long to make and most of them are so neat and perfect.  Mind you they were probably made by the ladies of my grandmothers generation and there would be no social forgiveness if there was ever a stitch out of place.  It would be noted!

Lots of sweet little pieces and colours.  Just about the right size for some small dolly clothes.

I love Pink.

And lots of terrific old lace.  Some of this must be hand-made too, the hearts are so cool. 

The dollies have wrapped themselves in some material to see how it suits them and are checking out the bunny rabbit, polar bear fabric for future reference.  How cute is this?  They could each have a little t-shirt with a bicycle riding polar bear on it.

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