Wednesday, February 29, 2012

dolls and fabric doodling

I have spent the last couple of days doodling around with some ideas for material and dolls, inspiration taken from other dolls I have found on the web, Blythe, Pullip and others I blogged about the other day.  Is it okay to do this?  If I do it in my own special way?  hmm not sure but I am inspired by many things.  Anyway I got all excited looking at spoonflower over the weekend, and decided I would like to give this fabric design a go myself, dress fabric, dolls to cut out and make, cushion covers, I could spend a fortune!

 above Eyes from my dog, acid toys, some dolls, some lowbrow art  and somewhere in my head
 above and below trying to remember how to do pattern repeats, not done this for many years.

 and some weird creepy animal-doll ideas and prototype painting.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

cow parsley

More photos of a close up botanical theme.  The flowers of the cow parsley are so pretty and the colour so delicate.  Growing up there was a lot of cow parsley, in the garden in the landscape, I love to see it.

Monday, February 27, 2012

plants in close up

I went for a walk up a steep hill and down the other side, this morning and took photos of plants, wild flowers and some scenery.  And then I decided to do some photo cropping to get some pretty shapes and colours.
 there was lots of overlapping leaves and sunlight and shadows.
 and a heart
 I liked the shadows in this one
 above, sorry I thought this looked better than it does.
I managed to find some hearts in there, so I was a happy girl.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

dollie day

My husband has taken the kids camping for the weekend and left me at home with the dog.  I had a 12km run this morning with friends, I took the dog to the beach where she ran around, chasing dogs chasing balls, ran away from dogs and had a fun time.  For the rest of the day I have done not very much but eat mash potato and dahl and look on the blog world at dollies.  Madness really, but I couldn't stop myself.  All these pretty dolls and amazing clothes.  I have an image in my head of people with little tiny sewing machines making these outfits, 'cause I have no idea how they sew such tiny detailed stuff with a normal machine.  It makes me feel a bit clumsy when I think about the doll clothes I make. (note to self "must try harder")

 I love this top, this was found on cherry soda as were the next four photos.  They are creepily real some of these dolls, but beautiful!

This lady at cherry soda has a lot of dolls and clothes and I rather fancy the shoes too.  I want!

I am an outsider to the word of doll, but apparently you can change the eye colour and get people to repaint the faces and make new scalps/hair for your doll. Amazing. there is another world going on out there that I never knew about.  The doll people do seem to get a lot of colds though, I don't know why.  I am interested if any one has any ideas.

Thursday, February 23, 2012


I had an urge to find some cowgirl outfits, the old Wild West etc.  There were some rather dodgy modern outfits that first popped up on my screen search, so had to re-define my wording.  Some ideas following on from a previous post on cowboys here.  (edit 30th july 2012) just found this cowgirl post on dust jacket attic which is fabulous.
 Here is Bridgitte Bardot in "Viva Maria!" (1965):  Gorgeous Bridgitte, I thought this looked quite moderne.
film cowgirls on dark roasted blend.  I especially like the one on the left.
film version of calamity Jane
 above Lots of interesting old news articles and photos at Ghost Cowboy
 above and below photos of the real Calamity Jane

 another film starlet on dark roasted blend.  

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

skirts and tops inspiration

Thought I would share some items of clothing that I have been saving on my desktop for a while, from sources many and varied.

seem to be a stripey gathered skirt thing going on here at casapinka
slinky satin with amazing lining detail marie-claire

 gorgeous sultry retro type top and photo.
really cute, almost cartoon like top and skirt found on honestlywtf
 diy-elbow-patch from honestly WTF am loving this blog at the moment.
I just love this cardi (left) imagine how warm it would be, the styling is pretty cool , makes me think of Mongolia, horse riding people, in cold places etc.  Models website , the link won't work
I am suffering form over exercising, I ran up a steep hill last night, and then didn't sleep, and after running up a big steep hill on Saturday I am feeling a bit mad.  Thighs feeling stronger though, now they have stopped burning.