Wednesday, February 22, 2012

skirts and tops inspiration

Thought I would share some items of clothing that I have been saving on my desktop for a while, from sources many and varied.

seem to be a stripey gathered skirt thing going on here at casapinka
slinky satin with amazing lining detail marie-claire

 gorgeous sultry retro type top and photo.
really cute, almost cartoon like top and skirt found on honestlywtf
 diy-elbow-patch from honestly WTF am loving this blog at the moment.
I just love this cardi (left) imagine how warm it would be, the styling is pretty cool , makes me think of Mongolia, horse riding people, in cold places etc.  Models website , the link won't work
I am suffering form over exercising, I ran up a steep hill last night, and then didn't sleep, and after running up a big steep hill on Saturday I am feeling a bit mad.  Thighs feeling stronger though, now they have stopped burning. 

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