Thursday, February 23, 2012


I had an urge to find some cowgirl outfits, the old Wild West etc.  There were some rather dodgy modern outfits that first popped up on my screen search, so had to re-define my wording.  Some ideas following on from a previous post on cowboys here.  (edit 30th july 2012) just found this cowgirl post on dust jacket attic which is fabulous.
 Here is Bridgitte Bardot in "Viva Maria!" (1965):  Gorgeous Bridgitte, I thought this looked quite moderne.
film cowgirls on dark roasted blend.  I especially like the one on the left.
film version of calamity Jane
 above Lots of interesting old news articles and photos at Ghost Cowboy
 above and below photos of the real Calamity Jane

 another film starlet on dark roasted blend.  

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