Friday, February 3, 2012

fur coats

It is still summer here but browsing the lovely fashion blogs there are many northern hemisphere ones showing lovely fake furs.  So I day dream about trying to make one/ finding one in the op-shop, although I am not keen on winter and being cold at all.  Somehow winter clothes are better.  I like the fur trapper style ones best, a bit more lived in looking.
 above the link for this is now defunct. was from
 Fashion Quarterly magazine
from bleachblack blog which I love.
I look through these blogs written by gorgeous twenty somethings and feel a bit sad as some of the clothes are too young for me (I am in my forties) though I would still like to dress like a twenty year old sometimes (my nine year old has some cute stuff too).  Not sure where my cut off point for "she shouldn't be wearing that!" is.  I am not ready for middle age quite yet, but neither do I want to look like  "mutton dressed as lamb".  I think of designers who can pull it off, Betsey JohnsonVivienne Westwood.  Mind you, they are fashion designers and don't live in small town NZ.
I have that feeling today that I want to get on with things, but the house is a mess and there are lots of things that need doing (boring things) before I can get on with anything nice and creative.  I need to "pull my finger out".    

2 comments: said...

Just back from my trip and catching up.

I'm very keen on winter and don't mind being cold. And I absolutely agree that winter clothes are far better than summer ones.

Rosa said...

I hope it is still good to be back home despite the heat ( has it warmed up yet?). There is something to be recommended about tights, boots and winter coats.