Thursday, May 31, 2012

what more cushions?

Yes more cushions, I think this it for the present moment in time.  
 above and below two sides of the same cushion, an old table cloth,, also used here on a different scale, and a gorgeous old curtain. I love this pattern with the great greens and the overlappering.  I think I have had this material for about ten years.

above  a Marimeko fabric, and an op-shop find, both been around for a while in the fabric pile.  It is nice to get them out in the open, and it brightens up the room no end.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

a warm coat for the dog

My dog is a skinny little Mutt, and now that it is getting colder we thought she might need a nice warm coat.  I found an old anorak of the girls and with very little tweaking got it to fit her. 
 It is like a back to front halterneck with the zip on the top and the arms cut off.  and there is a cute little pocket to put her treats in.
She looked very sweet if not a bit embarrassed this morning on our walk to school, but at least she wasn't cold.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

windy rainy day.

The weather has been amazing for weeks, not bad for autumn/winter, beautiful clear sunny days and cold frosty nights.  But today as predicted by the weather service, it is rainy and windy.  The dog needed a walk and so we decided to go to the dog beach so she could sprint around in the weather.


 A rather lurcher photo heavy post, but she is so strong and amazing when she runs, it makes me laugh when she goes full pelt, it is something else.
all went well until some people turned up with a full team of Huskeys?! (we live in a rather un-snowy little town) who decided that poor Mollie (dog) looked rather interesting and it would be fun to chase her.  So off she went up the beach followed by about eight huskeys.  Poor thing was so scared, she can out run most things but they were big and there was lots of them, and I am afraid I didn't take any photos, as it looked rather good.  

Back home to dry clothes and a hot chocolate and a fire.  Lovely!

Friday, May 25, 2012


I try to think of a new word a day to google image, you never know what will appear.  I do find it hard, some days to think of a word, but today I thought of palms.
We have a rather fabulous Phoenix Palm in our garden, so it seemed relevant.  Next three pictures are of my tree.

 And some palm fabric designs below.
above dwaikikis

These next two are from spoonflower above by Kamiekazee
this one by Designmagi at Spoonflower.  If you are ever looking for many different and cool fabrics or want to have your own designs printed try out this site.
And how can I miss out, above and below Versace for H&M winter 2011

Monday, May 21, 2012

more cushions

Here are the rest of the cushions I made the other day. 3 IKEA and one from some fabric a friend gave to me (second from left) which I thought was rather groovey.
 below. This is a little picture I drew and then added a Dr Zeus quote.  I used a iron on transfer for the printer, it didn't come out too bad, but I think it will go in my daughters room.  My girls wondered if I could make them hoodies with rabbit ears, but I am not sure how I would keep the ears sticking up.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

bright cushions

I finally got around to making some cushion covers for the sofa.  We had some but they were getting old and some of them were falling apart.  THe unfortunate thing about making cushion covers out of lovely old materiel is that it is quite often not long for this world and will disintegrate sometime sooner rather than later.  Just less than a year ago I went back to England to see my new baby nephew and his mother took me to Ikea where I bought some materiel.  For most people in the world this is not too exciting, but I live in NZ and we have no IKEA, not even one, so it was frightfully exciting, except of course that I can't take a flat-pack kitchen home with me in my suitcase.  I did however buy some materiel, not enough, again serious suitcase issues.
I bought this for my daughter, but I thought it looked a bit plain so I made a heart stencil and painted 3 big hearts onto it to brighten it up.

I am currently out of photo space on my google account, just waiting for the new storage to come through.  Will continue to post after this