Sunday, May 20, 2012

bright cushions

I finally got around to making some cushion covers for the sofa.  We had some but they were getting old and some of them were falling apart.  THe unfortunate thing about making cushion covers out of lovely old materiel is that it is quite often not long for this world and will disintegrate sometime sooner rather than later.  Just less than a year ago I went back to England to see my new baby nephew and his mother took me to Ikea where I bought some materiel.  For most people in the world this is not too exciting, but I live in NZ and we have no IKEA, not even one, so it was frightfully exciting, except of course that I can't take a flat-pack kitchen home with me in my suitcase.  I did however buy some materiel, not enough, again serious suitcase issues.
I bought this for my daughter, but I thought it looked a bit plain so I made a heart stencil and painted 3 big hearts onto it to brighten it up.

I am currently out of photo space on my google account, just waiting for the new storage to come through.  Will continue to post after this

2 comments: said...

I thought I'd nip over to see what you're making (you actually do what I only think of doing, and much better too). I'm liking the stencilling over printed fabric. If there's ever anything light which can be posted that you absolutely CRAVE from IKEA, I could possibly get it for you. I say crave because it'd be an undertaking and it'd take a while to get organised, but I know what it is to love stuff from a particular shop and not be able to get to it.

Thanks so much for your nudge on my blog the other day - it was what I needed to get me going again. And it's nice to think that someone actually noticed I wasn't around!

Rosa said...

hi pimps. It's a pleasure to be useful. You are very kind, do have you a private jet you could fill up and send over? It seems that every english person I know in this town I live in has a matching stripey Ikea rug. I will just have to make do with Spotlight and my own naive attempts at fabric design.