Sunday, May 27, 2012

windy rainy day.

The weather has been amazing for weeks, not bad for autumn/winter, beautiful clear sunny days and cold frosty nights.  But today as predicted by the weather service, it is rainy and windy.  The dog needed a walk and so we decided to go to the dog beach so she could sprint around in the weather.


 A rather lurcher photo heavy post, but she is so strong and amazing when she runs, it makes me laugh when she goes full pelt, it is something else.
all went well until some people turned up with a full team of Huskeys?! (we live in a rather un-snowy little town) who decided that poor Mollie (dog) looked rather interesting and it would be fun to chase her.  So off she went up the beach followed by about eight huskeys.  Poor thing was so scared, she can out run most things but they were big and there was lots of them, and I am afraid I didn't take any photos, as it looked rather good.  

Back home to dry clothes and a hot chocolate and a fire.  Lovely!

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