Monday, May 2, 2011

holidays over

The holidays finished today, so back to rushing around in a dis-organised fashion every morning. We managed to keep ourselves entertained the last week. The girls and I spent a beautiful morning walking up a steep hill, with the smell of warm eucalyptus and pine and the sun keeping us warm. We sat at the top and drew pictures. The kids pictures are always so much more inspiring than mine, however hard I try.

We also were lucky enough to come across duct-tape-dummies. The first time this fantastic idea presented itself was in Sewing-Clothes-Kids-Love- by Langdon and Pollehn. We then looked up on the internet to find thousands of posts on the subject. Are we the only people who know nothing about this?
Anyway the idea is that you put on old well fitting clothes,
cover them in duct tape,

cut yourself out down the back,
stick up the cuts and then stuff your little body double with something. We used newspaper, but old clothes or proper stuffing could be used. I'm sure with a bit of practice they could look quite smart.
I have found mine very useful already, taking in some jeans that were always too loose around the waist at the back and starting on a skirt made from an old top. so much easier pinning things neatly on a dummie shaped like me. I feel rather project runway already.

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