Tuesday, August 7, 2012

craft project

Spoonflower, (who I am rather obsessed with at the moment) have a weekly design competition and this week it is for a cut and sew project for a craft party.  so I have designed a cut and sew dollie.
 this is the version that I have entered, she has a skirt and top and a rather fetching body suit, and cat ears.  If anyone would like to vote in this competition then you can go to spoonflower and choose the ones you like best (mine please). ((edit, I think it should be up in a couple of days) got my timing a bit out and am impatient and over excited, it is the first contest I have entered on Spoonflower so far.)
 some initial design sketches

I have also put a black and white version ( above) in so the crafty people can colour in their own, if they so wish.
I cut out a paper photo-copy and put on her skirt to see how it would look.  Cute I thought.

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