Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Some fabric of mine for sale.

My Spoonflower swatches finally arrived after getting a little lost along the way.  These were little 8"x8" swatches.  I was happy with how they came out, the colours are really lovely in real life.  And they are now for sale on Spoonflower at eat my sweet dust.  They are patterns from photographs I took on a sunny day, so lovely sky blues and bright yellow lichen and softy green grass and trees.  I think they are well cool.
yellow lichen straight

green trees

trees blue

sky blue sparkles

green blue sky plaid

lace black webs

vipers blue-gloss.  a large-scale print of this blue wild-flower.
above print is big scale.  This image is on a yard (42"x36") I would like to make skirts and dresses and bags and curtains and cushions and lots of stuff out of them.


Anonymous said...

I will offer you 1 cent for the one or I will take the lot if you pay the postage. Thanks Steptoe & son

Rosa said...

Hi Uncle Steve.
Very funny aren't you? Rosa

Anonymous said...

well it made me laugh (but not fran) - generous offer though

Anonymous said...

that was steve's first attempt at being an internet troll - bless love fan