Wednesday, August 8, 2012

what the weather?

The weather is being very bad at the moment.  It is winter of course, down here in the Southern Hemisphere, but we expect a little more from our winter weather in our part of the woods, it is usually pretty good. I am trying to finish painting the house and it is pelting down with rain day and night so I can't. The garden weeds are having a great time thriving in the conditions mind you, but the dog is not so keen and has spent much quality time on the sofa amongst all the nice new cushion covers I have just made.

She is a lurcher, rabbit hunting type of dog, but she is not keen on rain.


Foxtail Lilly said...

Ahh, bless her. Ede, is the same, hates rain (like me!!)
Rain everywhere this year.
I must email soon - Iv been very bad at emailing, sorry!

Louise said...

Rosa... I have a lurcher too!!! Rookie, he's my big darlin', he hates the rain too... if he has to pee he will hold it in until the rain stops! lol

Lou@ loulovesthis

Rosa said...

I think lurchers must be the sweetest dogs ever. She is the first dog I've had ever, so I have nothing to test this theory against, but it must be true.