Sunday, July 29, 2012

fun with paint

We have a nicely painted off white wall where there was once a bright yellow one.  It is a bit bare so we decided to paint some big pictures on brown paper and news print to fill up space.  I painted my girls with some flowers and hearts and clouds, inspired by many things and artists and styles.  It is probably going in the utility room now.
 It is about 100x80cm. I didn't really capture the girls, this is the second version, I had already papered over their heads once, the joys of papier mache!
 but i love how the big flowers turned out
 and the hearts

And then I couldn't resist playing around on spoonflower again, with repeats and colour changing.
This was the original version, I like the new one better!

2 comments: said...

Some clouds raining love hearts would be rather nice right about now. The clouds are my favourite bit, I think.

Rosa said...

Dear PP
Thank you kindly for your comment. I do like painting clouds. I painted these ones over quite a few times. Might be a bit freaky if love hearts rained from the sky, but better than real ones I guess!