Friday, July 20, 2012

repeat fabric repeats

As I wait impatiently for my Spoonflower swatches to arrive in the post I can't leave their site alone and have been trying out different things, playing with the colour changing thingymig etc.  I have had a fun day cleaning out the gutters which get so full of next doors leaves they are almost like a compost bin.  I scraped them into a bucket and then drenched myself with a hose and also managed to rinse the gutters a bit too.  

above came from this dollie that I made for my daughters friend.

These were illustrations from an AA Milne book about children.  Thought it would make nice summer dress fabric.
above was simplified from a photo I took 
as was this, of tree branches and scenery.  And there were more but the computer decided that they were not pictures and wouldn't let them on the blog?

2 comments: said...

I've looked at spoon flower a few times and wondered what the quality of their material/printing is like, so I'll be interested to hear about your swatches. I had a thing a while back (it's gone now) that I wanted to cover furniture in fabric with grass printed on it - I could never figure how to make the pattern continuous!

Rosa said...

Hello. I have had one swatch printed before and it came out quite well considering It was a bit last minute and haphazard, and once you get the swatches you can make any changes you want on the design before you get the metre-age printed out. As for having grass printed in a continuos fashion, you can do "mirror image" so it blends at the edges but then you get the mirror imagey thing, or you need to find a friend who knows how to use a digital imagery programme and to sort it out for you, unless you know these things already. Have you checked out the site, some-one may have designed one already.