Friday, January 6, 2012


We have been camping in a little town of Moeraki in the South Island of NZ.  It is famous for the round boulders that lie on its beach.  It has a lighthouse with yellow eyed penguins and seals, which we bicycled to along a beautiful track to get to.

 there is a little beach just across the road from the campsite with rocks and sand and a lady at the campsite had photographed an orca swimming around the harbour the morning before we got there.  I wasn't very keen on going in after I found that out.  But it was very pretty.

Me and the girls walked along the beach to see the boulders this morning and we saw a dead rotted seal without a head and a dead conga eel.  My husband missed out on these delights by driving to the car park and buying coffee.  WE had a lovely time.

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