Monday, January 2, 2012

Things I like at my mums house

We are staying at my mums this week, in South Canterbury.  There are lots of pictures and other art works, some new and some I remember from my childhood.
This picture (above)used to hang over the cooker at home when we were kids.  It was given to my mother 30 years ago and heralds from Poland. 
 another picture from childhood, I never new what it was as a kid, but obviously it is waves crashing at cliffs, this is by George Kennethson the sculptor.
 and a not very good photo of one of his sculptures.  We were very pleased to be brought up able to visit his house and see all the amazing art works and inspirational finds that filled it.
 Old drawings by early white settlers in NZ
My mother has just painted this, I love the light, shape and forms, Gum tree obsessions.

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