Saturday, April 28, 2012

gorgeous kitchens

Our kitchen needs re-doing, probably moving to another room in the house, cause the flow ain't right.  We can't afford that but I have done some kitchen day-dreaming anyway, mainly at this fab blog Pretty Kitchens .  Loads of inspiration and different styles to choose from.  And I don't have links for these next four photos, any one know?

 loving rustic
Loving the lime green splash-back. mark bolton photography
 all photos below from pretty kitchens
 If my house could fit a kitchen in this big I wouldn't really care what it looked like, futuristic, light and simple pimple.
 this is so sweet, my husband would not understand/hate it.  Those tiles look a bit hard though, smash the dropped things to smithereens.
 The plywood house/kitchen thing has been around for a while, this mixed with colour cup-boards and the light-shades ( I want some) is rather cool I do think.
 turqouise work top!
 beautiful old falling-down mansion style kitchen, admiring the floorboards and that spiral staircase.  Where's my ball gown?
 wasn't sure if this was a dressing room or a kitchen, it is sooo yellow but I like it.
 Great eclectic style and splashes of bright colour
 I liked the banquette on the right side and all that lovely natural light and the fact that it is enormous.
I love the wallpaper in this one and the check flooring and the table and chairs, I love it all!

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