Sunday, April 1, 2012

more running

It may seem that I have done nothing but run recently and it is beginning to feel like that a bit.  Every morning I get up and put on my running gear, instead of my usual glamourous attire (ho ho).  But have a race to train for in a few weeks and this is the last chance saloon to get in shape for it.  (Race makes it sound like I will be hoping to win, which is not the case.  I am hoping to complete the course , not coming last, not injuring myself and being able to run the whole way. This morning was no different, I went to bed last night looking forward to getting up and running for >2hrs, I didn't feel quite the same enthusiasm in the cold light of early morning, but I dutifully got up, got into smelly running gear, put on my little bag with water bladder and a high energy snack and off I went, without dog or friend.   
 I did ponder, after an hour of uphill running, shuffling and some walking, that maybe all this uphill stuff was a bit over the top, the training plan said "2hrs 15mins undulating", it depends on your ideas about undulating, but there seemed to be a lot of up and no down.
 nice views though

All photos taken on my, previously mentioned, cell-phone which is really bad quality.  
Running down however was a piece of cake and I felt like one of the vampires in "Twilight" sprinting through the forest.  What I looked like is another matter.  It was much prettier on the way down too, lots of native bush, pretty trees, rocky uneven terrain, and some flat bits. 
I am now a bit tired.  


Martin Varallo said...

Go Rosa Go... What a beautiful place to run. Great to see another long distance runner running around the hills. How far is the Race? My training plan is on time and not distance... are you up for a 50K ?

Keep blogging.

Rosa said...

Hi Martin. I think that I am happy running 25km at the moment. As I ran the last 5km of the 25km race I thought about longer runs and thought that this one was long enough. Maybe in a couple of years when I am tougher.