Wednesday, June 6, 2012

it's a wild day today

Today our little town has gone from blue skies and mild mannered sunshine, to wild and windy and all rather dramatic really.  Occasional mad downpours of torrential proportions. and biblical style clouds, which I like but have failed to completely capture the pure drama of.

 above, orange things found on the beach yesterday.  From a boat I think.  I contemplated drilling a hole in the orange plastic thing and making a necklace.  My husband gave me that look, or possibly made a comment, about this idea.

And today I must paint this yellow wall  a nice white colour.  The yellow was chosen by me because I had some fabric with this colour on it , (below),which looked really pretty.  It does, however look a bit different on the wall and although nice and cheery, and it goes and amazing colour as the sun goes down, it has to go.


Foxtail Lilly said...

Amazing photos ! I must email you-its been ages!! I met your sister, she came into the shop. Txxx

Rosa said...

thanks T. Sis said she had been in to yours and how nice it all was at your place. The weather today is all back to normal, like butter wouldn't melt...