Sunday, June 10, 2012

patio make-over.

"The Mediterranean Courtyard Garden" as we have fondly called it in its general state of appalling slovenliness.  It started as a nice brick and gravel area, when we moved in, went on to become a rather nice vege patch, and then a rather weedy patch and a down-right wild-life reserve.  It had been a mess so long we didn't notice it, except when we had visitors with which came a timely reminder of the state of disgrace we were in.  So finally we got the impetus to sort it.  Its a little bare now as it is winter and plant growth is slow, but we have sunshine and even now it is a great place for tea and toast/cake/whatever you fancy.  The dog is a little confused as this area is where she goes to the loo and it keeps changing, but she is coping ok I think.

I removed the ivy on this part of the fence over christmas, which nearly finished me off, see here,  

 We managed to lay a nice square brick patio, small and sweet

It is certainly much more calming to look at than it was, can't wait till spring when everything starts to grow and the blossom trees start a bloomin.

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