Sunday, September 23, 2012

change of plan

I decided to change my Spoonflower zombie plushie cut and sew design so that the dolls would have arms sticking out.  This involved a lot of faffing around on my behalf, and I spent 3 hours on photo-shop one evening, only to mess up my evening s work with my own incompetence.  Anyway, I then realised that the only way I was capable of doing the change was manually with scissors and glue, and then onto photo-shop and begin at the beginning again.

 You can see they still have their arms behind them, and I cut off the tops of their heads.

I drew new arms and cut them out and stuck them on and then scanned them, and then spent some time fiddling around with them until I was happy with the result.

This was my first design.  I decided to remove the black outlines so that it would look better when sewn up (more room for error). it's hard to imagine it would take so long to make so few changes.
the original design is still on spoonflower, but i entered the new one in the Zombie Plushie competition.

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It's good, isn't it, when you're so absorbed in something that your whole evening is spent making minor adjustments. I spent the whole of yesterday evening carving into unfired porcelain and, like you, couldn't believe how long everything took. Good luck with your entry.