Sunday, September 16, 2012

dawdling and doodling

I have been rather slack on the blogging lately, and hopefully will soon have more stuff to put on.  I have been relying on other people and their lovely creations, as I haven't got any of my own.  But some creativity is bubbling away hopefully ready to surface at some point soon.  A few random ideas in my sketch book.

 above some card ideas, christmas decorations?! whatever.

 above  Lace ideas taken from some old lace, some old medals, and some books from the library on textiles/old fashion.
this rose was on a chinese top I recently aquired.  I thought it was very pretty so I drew it.  I have a mission this year to get the rose drawings sorted, as I do love roses so and I want to be able to draw a fine lot of them.  Not happy with my efforts so far sohopefully will be some more posts on these later in the year, once the roses come out, and a good excuse for rose stalking around the neighbourhood.

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