Saturday, February 2, 2013

back to reality

Well it has been a long time, we have had school holidays and house moving, which I new was something I hated, but having not done it for six years had forgotten quite how horrid it is.  We had the silly idea that if we got the removal men to move all the furniture then we could move all the other stuff ourselves with the car, and that as we had had a really good clear out for selling the house then we were really pretty much there!  Wrong.  It took us three days to get it all empty and have a good clean up and then another week to sort out our stuff in the new house.  Where does all this rubbish come from, and surely we don't need it all and can we not just chuck it all in a big skip?
Anyway, I decided that I would go through my wardrobe and try to wear a different thing every day, and if I couldn't find anything or wouldn't try an outfit then it had to go.  I did quite well for a couple of days and then it got a bit tricky.  My children got to choose my outfits, and I put my foot down with some ideas.  Here are couple of our attempts
 Stripey dress from second hand shop, lacey top H&M from sister for christmas pressie.
I was tempted to remove my head with this one, and my legs.  top H&M, shorts FrankeE.  This was chosen by my younger child.

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Lawdy, I know what you're talking about. 'Horrid' doesn't quite do justice to the awfulness of the thing we call moving. And I don't know why you'd want to remove your head and arms - they look rather nice to me.