Tuesday, April 2, 2013

easter camping

WE have just a had a couple of nights camping with the kids and some friends.  Had a great time, the kids spent all the time on their bikes off somewhere, or swimming in the river, only to be seen at meal and bed times, and we grown-ups just chilled by the camp fire.  packing up in the rain was not much fun but apart from that it was pretty perfect.

 the dog was not sure about the whole thing, she slept in our tent, on us both nights.


PP@pimpmybricks.wordpress.com said...

I've never camped in my life. I think I should try it before it's too late!

I tried to imagine having either of our dogs sleeping in a tent with us and could only hope that yours isn't as prone to....effluvia....as ours are.

Rosa said...

Luckily, although the dog is a neurotic and needs to sleep with us, she is not too heavy and she doesn't drool... and has yet to puncture the airbed with her claws.