Wednesday, April 3, 2013

silphe sky dollie

My husband and oldest daughter went camping and rock climbing a couple of weekends ago, and me and the little one stayed at home and looked after the dog.  Her choice of activity was to make dolls, so she made one, and as I had been trying to get my doll pattern sorted out properly ( usually I am using a  pattern that I haven't quite finalised and bodging it up so it fits properly) I made one using some of my spoonflower test swatches of sky and trees and  such like.  So she is called Silphe like a sky nymph.
She's got green hair.
  and little lace up boots

  and a little tree/sky mirror dress.

My daughter made a really sweet little doll called Lilly, and she made her a hospital gown to wear (?)

every doll should have one.

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