Wednesday, December 26, 2012


We made it through christmas, infact we had the nicest christmas ever.  The weather was amazing, we got lovely presents and we had a swim at the beach and a swim at the nearest school pool and ate yummy food and it was all very chilled out and happy.  It was so hot that husband and oldest child and sweet dog slept out on the deck, until it started to rain at 5am.

 inflatable orcas waiting for a dip.
above, my ten year old secretly made me this rather lovely sun dress, all by herself with no help from anyone and it was decided by all that it was much nicer than anything else I have in my wardrobe.
above, my older child drew this cool cartoon picture for me and husband, a brief history of family so far, from me and husband courting, to children, work, pets and moving house.  The last picture is left blank, 'cause we don't know where we are going.  I do feel happy when my kids get creative, they amaze me with their cleverness. 
a much needed refreshing dip.
Hope you all had best christmas's too.

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