Monday, December 24, 2012

hearts and clouds top

some of my fabric from Spoonflower was this hearts and clouds large scale print.  This was the trial piece and I changed the colour of the hearts to be less orange and removed a couple of bits that didn't quite work and balanced out the design slightly.  I had ordered a yard of fabric and so I had to make something small.  I wanted to make it on the bias so that it would hang nicely and also I liked how the design worked that way.  I used a bit of old cotton denim that I had in my stash, for the top of the top and some vintage lace, which you can't really see.  So I made this top, modeled by my daughter, who is more camera friendly than me.

 I may have to take these again, but I felt it would be good to put something at least on this poor neglected blog.
Happy Christmas to you all, have a good one folks, be nice to one another.

2 comments: said...

I think it's lovely - raining love hearts. And your daughter is beautiful. I'm up, courtesy of the uncouth birds around here, before anyone else and popped over to wish you a really good break. I'll try to heed your advice about being nice to everyone!

Rosa said...

Hi. Thank you, we think she is so. Yes having been brought up on christmas episodes of Eastenders, where Phil, Peggy and Grant are generally pretty painful, one is sensitive to the need for niceness. We have opened presents, been to the beach for a swim and started on the sparkley far so good, and still on friendly terms.