Tuesday, December 11, 2012

house for sale

I have been very neglectful of this blog, and in my defense, we have been getting our house ready to go on the market.  It is now as ready as it will ever be and is looking rather lovely I think and we are wondering why we want to move, especially as it is now coming into summer and the weather is putting on a great show.  Here are some photos.
(edit). house is sold after one week on the market, we will be homeless in 5 weeks time. on to adventures new.


PP@pimpmybricks.wordpress.com said...

Eeeh, there's nothing quite so stressful as preparing a house for sale (apart from the inspections, the auction, the finding of another house and the move). And with that view from the deck, why DO you want to move?!

Foxtail Lilly said...

Why are you moving??? Id buy it, if I could! xxx Good luck x

Rosa said...

Thank you girls, it is a lovely house and we have had a happy six years here, but now it is time for a change. Will miss the view though!