Tuesday, November 8, 2011

camille rose garcia, alice

I got a book out of the library called "Weirdo-Deluxe, The Wild World of Pop Surrealism and Lowbrow Art"  by Matt Dukes Jordan.  I was a bit worried about the Lowbrow bit, until I'd had a look inside.  I liked quite a few of the artists.  And I liked the work of this lady Camille Rose Garcia.  I looked her up and came accross this Alice art work.  I loved the style of her painting, bit dark and all, but also liked the comparison with an old childrens book I had recently bought at the op-shop.

Photos on right from down-the-rabbit-hole-exhibition by Camille Rose Garcia.

These are some photos from the book mentioned above, and click the link to get to her web-site.

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Foxtail Lilly said...

What a small world , you growing up in Oundle !! Do you have children? Wondering if your daughter (if you are the same lady??) went to school with my son Flynn??
Best wishes T x