Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I have been doodling some rabbit ideas, taking inspiration from books and the internet and some deep recesses of my brain.  I have a previous bunny post  and also this bunny skate board design so maybe I have a need to see rabbits at the moment.  

 And then I wanted to draw some leopard spots....
......and tinkered with some roses, which I find quite tricky, but I have looked closely at some other roses that are on fabric and elsewhere and they quite often are quite loose in design and still look rose-like, so I try not to get too hung up about it.  Roses are coming out in gardens around us at the moment, so I will need to take a look and persevere. 
I finished some rather tedious chores late last night, so today I am going to have a nice creative day finishing my christmas card designs so I can get them printed up, written and handed out.  It is something I have not managed for about four years (Christmas in New Zealand, being in the summer time, is a little odd, and I quite often forget that it is that time of year and am consequently rather dis-organised about it, being form the northern hemisphere).  I have been here five years and still it has not sunk in yet.

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