Monday, October 31, 2011

skate board design. crazy rabbit

My little girl will be nine tomorow and she wanted a skateboard for her birthday.  She has never spent more than five minutes on a skateboard in her life so we didn't want to buy an expensive one.  Neither did we want to buy a cheap thing that would fall apart in a week.  So we got one off Trademe, it was a little grubby with some mould on it, but I quite liked the skateboardy decorations on it.
so I gave it a sand and a clean and the paper under the varnish sanded off and most of the varnish.  I designed some little cartoons of my daughter,  with inspiration from my big girl (angels and devils). I wanted to keep the original picture as a background.
I used vivid to outline the pictures, some cute rabbit girls, japanese clouds and crazy rabbit written at the ends, as she does a good crazy rabbit impression.

And then I painted it.  I was really pleased with how it turned out.  I have to go and varnish it now in the cold dark garage.

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Anonymous said...

Harry and I think this is rad!