Sunday, October 2, 2011

project funway

Pins at the ready, it's time for project funway again.  Our local Fashion Island shopping mall is having a competition to make an outfit out of a king size sheet.  Myself and my two daughters are all entering this year, so it will be elbows at dawn ( or maybe a bit later) in a fight for the scissors, dye-pots and sewing machine.
 I spent too many hours in the garage making stands for the dummies.  I managed to saw and drill holes in my left hand and eventually had to rope in my husband to help.   At least one of those dummies looks a little uncomfortable on its new perch.  It was a rather intimate and surgical procedure to get those poles in the right place I can tell you.
 one of said sheets before the iron had got to it.
 Child number 2, first to make it to the machine.
 choosing dyes is always tricky but the dying process is good fun, although it doesn't do the wooden spoons much good.
 This is a pattern I designed for last years entry.  I can't find a photo of the dress I made but it was a tea dress with frills and a little blue jacket.  You may be able to find it on this link of last years entries to the competition.  seventeen down, second column, there are about three photos, the next entrant after me is my daughter.  Very cool design.
this is where I got the inspiration for the above design, its an old spanish embroidery.  Lovely!
Have been enjoying the design process, checking out the internet for inspiration.  I have firm ideas about what I will make and patterns are drawn and ready, but my surface design and colour ideas keep on changing.  I am a bit blank on that still.  Will post on this later and  post photos of the finished products and hopefully get some photos of the fashion show.  Terrifying stuff to walk down a runway infront of people.  My legs nearly gave way through nerves last year.

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